“The study of mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence. ”

Charles Caleb Colton


Mr Michael Fannen – Head of Maths
Mr Karl Aughton – Teacher of Maths and Second in Department
Miss Helen Needham – Teacher of Maths and Leader of Life
Mr David Flynn – Teacher of Maths


The Mathematics Department at Outwood Academy Ripon is staffed by 5 enthusiastic teachers. The department is committed to helping our students develop their subject knowledge and gain the confidence to apply the skills learnt in problem solving.
The department use a variety of teaching and learning methods, incorporating both individual and group activities, which develop each pupil’s written, oral and practical skills.
We set the students from the start of Year 7 to enable them to make best progress. These settings are reviewed regularly to ensure that all learners are in the most appropriate environment for continual progress. The GCSE course begins for all students in Year 9, with half termly assessments taken to monitor progress. GCSE classes are supported by an Option Maths course to intervene with students wanting to achieve above and beyond their target grade.
The Academy also offers an A level mathematics course in Year 12 and 13 covering the AQA topics such as calculus, sequences/series, the normal distribution, mechanics and statistics.

Year 7 to Year 10 Topics in Mathematics


*The coverage of these topics will depend on the level at which a particular set is working.

Year 11 Topics in Mathematics.
Year 11 studies may follow a similar order of topics as Years 7-10 but are determined by progression and target grades. Teachers will actively use the increased assessment in Year 11 to target key topics which require further tuition and development to ensure that students can attain their best grade in the GCSE final exam.

Every student is continually assessed each lesson and is afforded plenty of opportunities to reflect on their learning and identify areas that require development to ensure they make the best progress in maths.
Formal assessment takes place once every half term. SATs and GCSE papers are used to accurately assess a student’s current level or grade and track progression.
Homework is usually set weekly and is often in the form of a mymaths online task which will consolidate and build upon the learning in the lessons. Mymaths will work on any home computer which has Flash Player installed. You can also now access mymaths from an iPad by using the free ‘Puffin Academy’ app which can be accessed by following the link below.
My Maths App

Past Papers and Mark Schemes