“Growing literacy of the heart and mind cultivates the landscape of a child’s future.”

Clyde Heath


Mrs Tamsin Fauntkane – Associate Assistant Principal and Head of Department
Miss Lynne Overton – Teacher of English and History, Second in English and Literacy Coordinator
Mrs Caroline Payette – Teacher of English and Lead Teacher of Media Studies
Miss Julie Elsey – Teacher of English and Performing Arts
Miss Amy Firth – Teacher of English
Mrs Clare Lusardi – Teacher of English
Miss Heather Teague – Teacher of English
Mrs Tammie Romatowski – One-to-one Tutor
Mrs Di Tunnard – One-to-one Tutor


Key Stage 3
Year 7 and 8 are Key Stage Three. We believe that we have developed a programme that is innovative, exciting and above all, challenging to meet the needs of our students.
All students follow the same course in English which is delivered in a modular programme to ensure continuity, progression and opportunities for departmental monitoring and assessment.

Students complete assessment pieces during each scheme of learning and these are marked in accordance with the Marking Policy
Our schemes of learning have been created with a literacy focus in order to improve and develop our students’ basic skills and prepare them for the GCSE course.

Key Stage 4

Our students follow a three year course and study both English Language and English Literature. The exam board is Eduqas.

We offer GCSE Media Studies as an Option Subject as well as Option English programmes designed to support students who need extra help in achieving a GCSE English A*-C pass.

Key Stage 5

We take, as our starting point, the skills our students gain at GCSE and aim to build on these skills to produce students who can: express themselves with accuracy, fluency and imagination in both written and spoken quotation; analyse and evaluate a range of texts in detail, linking form, structure and language to meaning, purpose and context.

We expect our students to take responsibility for their own learning by: undertaking independent research; by reading beyond the set texts; by exploring sources to inform their own discovery.

We offer A Level English Language and A-level English Literature.

What is Required?
  • B grades or above in GCSE English or English Language is recommended, although individual cases where students have attained a C in English Language at GCSE will be considered;
  • An interest in English Language and an enjoyment of reading and writing is essential;
  • The ability to work independently and a willingness to contribute to discussions is vital.

AS / A2 Media Studies

  • AS and A2 level students follow the WJEC GCE in Media Studies. Wider reading is encouraged and practical skills are developed.
  • At AS the assessment comprises two units: MS1 is examined and MS2 requires the development of a production portfolio of student work.
  • At A2 students study a further two units: MS3 looks at media concepts in more depth and MS4 is examined on the students’ knowledge of different media industries.